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Land-based gambling has been a form of entertainment in Great Britain for centuries, with on-course betting on horseracing becoming increasingly popular since the 1700s. As explained in Chapter 278, bingo halls, betting shops and casinos gained a foothold in Great Britain in the 1960s and are now a common sight on high streets across the country. Despite enormous changes in the ways in which people gamble, betting shops, casinos, and bingo halls are often the most visible form of gambling, and still the first that come to mind for many people

Certain aspects of offline gambling are discussed in other chapters, such as bingo halls in Chapter 279 which discusses the social benefits of gambling. On-course betting at horseraces is discussed in Chapter 680 on children and young people, and in Chapter 781 on advertising. In this section we discuss other specific issues in relation to the provision of offline gambling services. Gaming machines 94. Most gaming machines are of the reel-based type also known as fruit, slot or jackpot machines. They are divided into categories according to the maximum stake and prize available.


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