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What is the NOWSA conference?

NOWSA stands for the Network of Women Students Australia. Each year a different student union/women’s collective hosts the conference with a range of different panels, workshops, and social events for attendees. You can check out some of NOWSA’s background on the ‘NOWSA History’ tab of our website.

What is the purpose of NOWSA?

NOWSAs focus is on being a welcoming environment for women from all over Australia to come together and learn new things, share knowledge, and also network. The focus of the workshops and panels are on discussing key issues faced by women and those affected by misogyny and educating representatives around Australia about how to improve student life on their campuses - such as disclosure training, delving into the importance of intersectional feminism, and maintaining women’s collectives.

How can I attend the conference?

The conference will be online due to how turbulent the cases of covid-19 have been in Victoria. However, we will be encouraging the utilisation of in person hubs, both in Victoria and interstate. You can register for the conference here.

Who can attend the conference?

Any tertiary students who identify as women or non-binary are invited to attend. Obviously, we do not want to lump non-binary students into the same category as those who identify as women, however, a lot of non-binary students have experienced misogyny similar to, if not the same as, what women face. So we want to ensure that they feel welcome to attend if they would like to as well.

Who is running the 2021 NOWSA conference?

Deakin University Student Association in partnership with our Women’s Collectives.

When is the conference happening?

From Monday 29th November to Thursday 2nd December 2021. Workshops and panels will be from 10am to 5pm AEDT, plus there will be online social events such as movie nights and networking sessions.

How do I register?

Registrations are open until Friday 26th November. Tickets are just $5 and can be bought here.

Do I have to go to every event?

No, you can join whichever sessions you would like to! Although we are keen to see you all in as many sessions as possible.

Will events be recoreded? 

Yes, most workshops and panels will be recorded, and we will let you know if there are any particular sessions that are not being recorded.

What is your 'Choose to Challenge' Series?

It’s all about highlighting when women have chosen to go against the norm or stand up against inequality. You can talk about yourself, someone you know personally, or famous women in history. All you’ve got to do is create a short video (30 - 40 seconds) which delves into the ‘choose to challenge’ story and use #choosetochallenge as well as tagging NOWSA socials so we don’t miss it! If you’re a little unsure, you can get some inspo from some previous videos on our socials.

Why should I register to attend NOWSA 2021

Besides the opportunity to meet some amazing and passionate women from all over Australia, you should attend for the wide range of resources, panels and workshops we’re going to have on offer. These will not only allow you to learn something new, but also pass on your knowledge and expertise to others. You can check out the resources and our conference schedule here.

Are scholarships available? What kind of scholarships are available? What is the procedure to apply for one and the eligibility criteria?

Scholarships are available, including Disney+ giftcards for our online movie night. Scholarship applications are open until Friday 19th November and you can apply here.

I'm an International student. Is this conference for me?

Definitely, this conference is open to any women or non-binary current or recently graduated tertiary students studying at an Australian university.

I’m enrolled in an Australian University but not currently in Australia. Can I still buy a ticket to the conference?

Yes of course, because you’re still enrolled to study in Australia. Although timezones may be a bit of a pain, most workshops and panels will be recorded so you can enjoy the conference without having to wake up at times like 5am!

Will I have a chance to Network at NOWSA?

Yes, we will have some sort of socialising session every day. These will range from trivia nights, to movie nights and to online networking sessions.

Do I need to be a student to register for the conference?

The conference is focused on assisting current and recently graduated tertiary students, however the conference is open to all young women and non-binary people wishing to learn more about the pressing issues today.

Do we have to pay money to attend?

Where are the in-person hubs?

In Victoria, the in-person hubs are at the Deakin Burwood (LC3.108) and Waurn Ponds (KA3.411) campuses. Interstate students can host hubs too, and can apply to host a hub through our registration form or by emailing us at Hosts can receive $50-$200 depending on the amount of students at their hub - this money can be used for your own picnic, trivia night, or your own social event hosted during the conference.

Yes, tickers are $5 and all proceeds will be going to the charity Support the Girls!

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