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About DUSA

For Students By Students 

Deakin University Student Association (DUSA) has been around since 2001 and has a wonderful community of Women’s Collectives and Representatives working to enhance the campus culture for women and non-binary students now and into the future. This community alongside our Campus Committees and Student Council provide representation for women across our Burwood, Geelong, Warrnambool and Cloud (Online) campuses. Although COVID-19 has put a halt to a lot of things, the Women of DUSA have still been committed to providing events and working on initiatives to make Deakin safer and more fun for everyone. We are super excited about hosting the 2021 NOWSA conference and we can’t wait to see you there – NOWSA Team.


Meet The Team

I'm an International Student from India studying MBA. Whilst my time at Deakin, I've had many roles from Volunteer Mentor to Club President and through them I've seen how women empowered by education and networking can bring about humongous changes! I'm proud to be part of one such initiative, NOWSA, which brings women and non-binary individuals together to promote representation, diversity and provide a platform for women to speak their truth.

I study Visual arts at Deakin University, Im also the Burwood Campus Coordinator for DUSA. I’m passionate about a range of women’s issues and think it's of the Upmost importance that women have a voice in leadership. I believe it’s important to build a community of strong outspoken women. I'm really passionate about making sure people know about this conference and engage in the amazing sessions that we hav in store this year.

I am a Bachelor of Commerce & Laws student and the current President of DUSA. I want to celebrate the achievements student unions and women's representatives have been able to make, and encourage the spreading of knowledge to others. I am also very grateful for the amazing network of women that have supported me, but now I really want to give back and provide some of that support to others. 

I’m a Law/International Studies student at Deakin and I’m a student councillor at DUSA. I’ve always been passionate about women’s issues and ran a women’s collective at my uni in 2020. I found creating a community of women to support each other to be very important and fulfilling! As such, I’m very excited to be involved in the upcoming conference! I’m looking forward to the opportunity for women to bond over shared experiences, and to support and educate each other.

I am currently in my final trimester of studying and I couldn’t think of a better way to finish off my university experience by delivering an event that is focused on uplifting women and non-binary students and creating opportunities for them to thrive. This network has done amazing work for the community by providing a platform for women and non-binary people to network and share their experiences.

I am hoping to help facilitate a safe, fun space, for lots of like-minded individuals to meet new people, forge new connections and have fun in this strange new post COVID world. I am passionate about NOWSA because I fundamentally believe in strong networking and sharing ideas and information about each other's lives and shared experiences. With conferences like NOWSA, this is how we make the world a better place.

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